Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye Las Vegas

The time has come! Adam is already done selling here in Las Vegas! He has done a great job and has worked so hard. Everday going out and knocking doors is not something I could do myself and I appreciate all the time and effort he has put into working out here. Time has gone by so quickly. We have enjoyed being here and experiencing a new place, but we are both ready to head out! We are leaving on Saturday for Medford where we will spend Thanksgiving and a few extra weeks and then its off to Utah for Christmas for another few weeks. We are excited to spend time with family and get a break (a big one) before we start off another semester at BYU-Idaho. I think we are both ready for some real fall weather as well! We love the nice 70-80 degree weather here, but as the holidays start to come we get a little homesick for the cool weather.

Also, another exciting moment (it doesn't take much to get me excited, especially when I have spent mostly all of my time here at home and working on the computer. No complaints.).......I was in Portland this past week watching my cousins while my aunt and uncle were in Hawaii. Adam stayed here in Las Vegas working hard. It was so much fun to spend time up there. I got them up and ready for school, we went and saw "Bee Movie" (very cute), went to a soccer game and mostly just hung out and relaxed. I love those kids, and it was great to see them for a week! And, how could you not love this cute little second grader Hallie....