Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Last week we went to this beautiful orchard about 30 minutes away. You can pick strawberries, raspberries and I think blueberries too. The strawberries were AMAZING...nothing beats fresh berries. They were hot from the sun and melted right in your mouth. The raspberries were delicious too! And the view was gorgeous! Ohio sure is a pretty place.
The little G-man sure loved crawling around while I picked. I usually found him with a big strawberry being squished in his hands or all over his face. He couldn't get enough of it.
My friend Jenny (check at her awesome photography skills here) was able to snap a few shots of the little guy. Thanks Jenny!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back To Real Life

Well, the last month has been so fun. A few days after getting home from San Diego Gavin and I said good-bye to Adam for two weeks and headed to my parents home in Oregon. We had a long day getting there, full of flight cancellations, losing a stroller (which was later returned, along with my luggage, thank goodness), and being told to head down to baggage claim to learn I didn't really need to do that and then walk back through security again and through the whole airport back to my gate....all with a baby in tow and two bags. Whew! (That was as long sentence, but a very condensed version.) But we made it there and that's all that matters, right?!
We had a memorial day weekend party for the two graduates, Grant and Hannah. Lots of food, learning a couple craft and sewing tips from my aunt, conversation, and of course, a traditional trip to Rooster's for breakfast with all the fam. It was so fun to see some of my extended family that I don't get to see too often anymore.
After everyone left, the house sure was quiet. Gavin and I made daily trips to my parents work, went on a few runs with my dad, and mostly enjoyed our leisure life our spending time with grandma and grandpa and uncle Grant.
Thanks for a great couple weeks! We miss you all already! But, we were so happy to be home with our husband and dad!

Working on picking up the chocolate cheerios.

My aunts and my mom.

All Grown Up

My little brother Grant graduated from high school yesterday! I can't believe he is all done with high school and ready to move on. I am so proud of him and am so lucky to have such a talented and awesome brother! Way to go Grant!
Also, congrats to my cousin Hannah who graduated as well!