Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Gavin loves to play with his cars, trains, tiger, and dinosaur. I love to watch him play and listen to his cute little tiger growl, his "choo choo", and car sounds.


Spring Break

Adam had his spring break last week......so we got him all to ourselves. Of course the week went by much too fast. We had fun going to the park, the zoo, swimming, watching sadly as BYU lost, and relaxing (we are pretty good at that one...a little too good. ;)

Gavin loved having his dad home all week....they played outside, warm or cold (and it was mostly a cold spring break), and fought off the geese that were making their nest right outside our front door. Now every time Gavin sees the broom outside he chases after the geese. It's pretty darn cute.

 Gavin and his friend's Raidee and Kassy.

I had to add this one....since he has been the main topic of conversation in our family for some time now. Oh, how we will miss watching Jimmer. Adam has hopes he will come play for Cleveland....we shall see.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Yep...our family is growing! This cute boy is going to be a big brother......starting September 2011. We are so excited for a new little person to join our family!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snow Day

It's hard to believe that just last week we had about a foot of snow covering the ground. It's mostly gone now, and I'm hoping it continues that way. Keep your fingers crossed for spring!
With all the snow we got in one night Adam's classes were cancelled the next day. He mostly studied, but couldn't resist going out and playing in the snow with his little buddy. He built a big snow mound that Gavin sled down (on a cookie sheet....we have yet to get a real sled...but it worked). Little G loved it, of course. Adam then dug a sweet tunnel through it that Gavin loved to crawl through. And now.....the big mound is no more. It was fun while it lasted.
p.s. Aren't those giant gloves the cutest thing? I had the hardest time finding some good snow gloves.....they were all sold out. So we always stick Adam's ski gloves on the little G, and they work great!

After a long time out in the snow what's better than getting cozy on the couch, watching some old school mickey mouse?