Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Diego

This past week we got to spend with Adam's family on the beach in San Diego. Oh, how we miss you beach house. It was so great to have everyone together (minus Adam's brother, Jordan, who is on his LDS mission in Peru.) We did plently of relaxing, eating, and playing on the beach. We saw tons of dolphins every morning so close to the shore and plently of seals. Gavin LOVED the sand and the cold ocean water. It was so fun to watch him explore his new surroundings and play with his cousins. It was such a fun week and we miss everyone already. Can't wait for next time! And now for a ridiculous amount of pictures. Too many to choose from!
My sister-in-law Ashley and her little boy Cameron.
My sister-in-law Letitia and her new little baby boy Dreyson (with Gavin and Dreyson in their matching jammies).
Paige, Hailey, Natalie and Claire.

Late night fire on the beach. Trying to get all the kids together for a group photo. This is probably the best one. Poor little Cameron was not feeling too great.
Gavin and his cousin Olivia who is just a few months older.
Baby G loved the cold pool water.

Gavin and Cameron. They had so much fun playing together.

Family photo on the pier.
So funny....this is how he would crawl on the sand.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Book Worm

Gavin loves his books. I will sit in his room and just watch him forever while he pulls out book after book and flips through all the pages (and then puts them in his mouth. Of course, what else do you do with books!) Then he gets bored and it's off to another room (most likely the bathroom.....his favorite. Yes, gotta love the toilet and shower curtain!)
Not only do I love books, but I love my mommy's watch, amongst other things.