Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had our church's Christmas party a couple nights ago, and Santa made an appearance at the end. Gavin wasn't too thrilled about the guy with the big white say the least.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. I ran the 5 mile turkey trot in downtown Cleveland Thanksgiving morning. It was fun, but cold! It was windy and rainy through most of it, but I made it. Little G wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing. Him and Adam were waiting at the finish for me, but we couldn't find each other for about 30 minutes. This picture pretty much describes how happy Gavin was too be there. I don't blame was freezing!
We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast at the church with a big group of friends. I am so grateful for the friends we have made here and am grateful to have shared Thanksgiving with them.
And now, what do you know....Christmas is right around the corner! We set up our little 3 foot tree this year since we will only be here a couple of weeks before we head out West. Gavin of course loved the tree and I'm still trying to teach him that we "just look" and not pull off every ornament. He's getting it....sort of ;) Who can resist those shiny, sparkly balls?

I feel so blessed in my life, and am truly grateful for my little family. I feel some of the greatest moments in my life are the ones where I am at home spending time with my two favorite people.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Day and a Cute Baby Boy.

Today has been such a beautiful day...high 60's and plenty of sunshine. We had to take advantage of it and headed to the park where Gavin chased around a little dog most of the time. He kept pointing and making his little owl sound every time he saw the dog and then would follow it around until I could distract him again. He loves animals.
Then we came home and played some more, until we were both tired and took a nap. I got caught up on a couple of t.v. shows (gotta love the dvr.) and have now been looking through some pictures on my computer. I came across these cuties and couldn't resist.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October....Get ready for a long one.

This month has flown by! Probably because we have been spoiled with visitors. I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Liz, come out and visit for a week at the beginning of October. We had so much fun catching up, going to the movies, Amish country, Kirtland and just relaxing. We loved having Liz in our home, and just wish we could live closer.
Sadly I didn't get one picture of us together.
Gavin loved having Aunt Liz around.
He also loved his first pony ride in Amish country.
We went on a fun little buggy ride.
And got to see the giant horse. He really is huge!

After Liz left the week was full of things to do before my parents came.  Gavin was a big goofball from the moment he saw them. He definitely likes to show off for company and give his big cheesy grin.
We had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. We went on some walks/runs through the metro parks, followed by stops at the bagel shop for breakfast. We went to dinner, Amish country, Kirtland, and did plenty of shopping.

{Most of these pictures are not in a very good order etc... I have some major issues with blogger and  contemplate punching my computer every time I try to re-arrange them, but that is a different story. ;) Apparently I am not as computer savvy as I thought. } 

Gavin loved helping Grandpa in the kitchen while he made his yummy brownies.

Little G wasn't too sure about that pony for some reason, but every other animal he loved....almost a little too much. That poor little bunny doesn't know whats coming. Once G had a hold of him we couldn't get him to let go. He finally loosened his grip and that little bunny quickly ran for his life into the corner and we moved on to see the puppies. :)
This is the sweet buggy and Amish man that took us on a tour of the farm and drove (er..buggied) us over to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.
I love Amish country. It is so beautiful, and I have been lucky enough to go a few times already since we have lived here. Maybe the next time Adam will get to join in on the fun.
 And, Kirtland...... every time I go, I learn something new and love the spirit that is there. It is such a blessing to live so close to some amazing church history sites.
 My family loves trains. My Grandpa was a big fan, so they have special meaning to our family and the train that passes through in Cleveland is one you can't pass up.

Gavin loved the train and would just stare as it drove by.
 Hey, it's Adam! He joined in on some of the fun the last few days my parents were here, but the rest of the week he had about 6 tests in a row, so he was busy studying. Poor guy. He is such a hard worker.
Oh how I love kisses from my little G.
And, he loves going for runs in that thing, even if it was only 40 degrees. What a trouper.

Little G was the cutest monkey for Halloween.
We had a great time at our church Halloween party....a chili cook off, hayrides, and a balloon room, which was this little monkey's favorite part of the night.

 Gavin's little friend who was the same cute little monkey. (Just a smaller version.)

And what is Adam supposed to be you may ask. He was known as Billy Rae Cyrus by most people. He found a long hair piece laying around our house and whipped up a sweet mullet look.

Whew...I Think that sums up our month of October. We we're thoroughly spoiled with great company, and can't wait for next time. 

And now, after almost 2 hours of updating this blog, my little one is sure to awake soon, and I am surrounded by junk that needs to get packed up so we can move. Yes, we are in the process of moving this week.....just to a new town home (same complex) that preferably doesn't leak in the winter and smell like mildew. Hooray!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Some Cute Photos

Man, September has flown by! We have been trying to soak up the last little bit of nice weather with walks, and lots of playing outside. Although none of these photos are outside, they sure are cute!

Nothin' like a fresh basket of laundry.
Or a fresh and clean little G
Gavin's new favorite mode of water bottle...which is about the length of one of his legs.
And another new favorite......some sweet shades.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my little guy is a year old!
Here are a few things that Gavin loves:
being outside
cheese, grapes, pineapple, watermelon
playing in the water
being chased by his mommy and daddy
climbing the stairs
looking at books
taking baths
exploring everything
dancing to music
playing with his food
snuggling with his mommy before bed
being tickled

And a few things he can do:
wave goodbye
climb in and on everything
throw balls