Sunday, March 17, 2013

18 months

I can't believe this cute little thing is 18 months! She went to nursery for the first time today, and did great! She is still my little baby, and can't believe she is old enough to be in there. My little Ruby girl makes me so happy. She is such a joy and knows how to make me smile everyday. Some of her favorite things right now are:

Her "cee-cee" or toothbrush with "bubble" or toothpaste.
"Ah-me" this means she usually wants any sort of candy or treat she can get her cute little hands on.
Books... she loves, loves to just sit down on my lap and flip through stacks of books. I love it too.
Her "binkie" and her "binkie". Translation: her binkie and her blankie.
Wants a book when she goes down for her nap now
She also has to have every blanket in sight stacked on top of her while I sing to her before I lay her down for bed.
She loves putting on Gavin's clothes. Almost everyday she grabs one of his shirts or pjs and wants us to put them on. Sometimes she wants his underwear on too. She'll walk around all day in his clothes. So dang cute.
She loves to go outside and walk around.
She's afraid of ants.

I can't imagine my life without this sweet girl. I feel so blessed to be her mother and just want to squeeze her every chance I get. Stop growing baby girl.