Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I work on the computer and last Wednesday I got up to start working in the morning and our Internet wasn't working. Perfect....

I tried to stay calm and not stress myself out too much about it and just enjoy a day off from working for four hours straight on a computer.

It was great, more time to study and do homework and get some things done, but I came home around 6:30 to a computer that would now not even turn on. We tried everything.....waiting patiently for an hour (ok, I guess maybe every ten minutes I was in there trying something new) and trying again thinking that magically it would turn on. No such luck.

Thursday.....computer still not working....

Friday....not working. So Adam took the computer in to the trusty computer shop downtown where we have gone to before. Same guy with long blond hair....very nice, very helpful, very smart.

The sad news.......our power supply and motherboard (yes, that is what it is called) are shot.

Good news........our hard drive is still alive....no information lost.

It can be fixed! We get our computer back tomorrow (I am sitting here at the school, where I am supposed to being studying for a test I have later today. I needed a break.), and we have been DYING! Who could believe it would be so hard to live without our dear computer! We miss you and are excited to have you back in our home tomorrow!


Dan and Kami said...

Too bad we're not there, Dan would have loved to take it apart and fix it!

Coleen said...

It's amazing how dependent we have become on our computers! Hope it all works well--Mom