Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had our ward Halloween party this weekend. It turned out great and so many people came! We were really excited to see our party turn out so well and to see every one dressed up and having a good time. Adam and I dressed up as Egyptian people. (Adam says I was Cleopatra and he was my boyfriend. Haha.)
We also carved pumpkins this weekend, which started out fun and then I remembered growing up; by the end of the night me and my brothers would always be begging Dad to finish for us because our arms were sooo tired. Not much has changed except I now get to ask Adam to finish for me, and he did....such a nice husband.
P.S. Sorry for the lack of quality pictures (blurriness) We are in need of a new camera, or maybe we are in need of some better picture taking skills. (I think both.)
P.P.S. Adam left today for an interview at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine! Good luck love!
Our Friends Brandon and Rachel.


Chelsea Peterson said...

Im glad that you guys went all out with the costumes, so many people don't or they do those half hearted, "i put glasses on and now im a nerd" costumes. HAHA! You guys are more fun than that! Miss you

Hannah & Paige said...

Just so you know if you were Cleopatra Adam could have been Roman and been Marc Antony or he could have been Julius Caesar. Because Cleopatra was with both of them at a time. Aren't I smart Jess!

-Paige :)