Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Made It!

Well, we finally made it here to Kent, OH which will be our home for the next couple of months while Adam sells security systems. Kent is about 35 minutes outside of Cleveland and we like it so far.
It has been a long couple of weeks, but we made it through. My mom came to Rexburg for a few days to help pack and spend a little girl time together. It was so great having here there and I couldn't have done all the packing without her. (And the movies, dinner, etc...)
We said goodbye to Rexburg for good and started our 4 day journey in the U-Haul. It was a long drive, but we are glad we made it safely here.


rachel said...

glad you guys made it!
don't be strangers!!!!

Peterson's said...

So far away! Its crazy for me to think that we left rexburg 2 YEARS ago....I feel like we were just BBQing yesterday.
Look for cheap tickets for UTAH, we miss you.

Dan and Whitney said...

Jessica! You are a trooper! I hope all goes well in the new location for you. So excited for your little one to join the world later this year! Have a great week.

ty and megs said...

yeah melynn just told me you guys will be in cleveland. where exactly will you be in the fall? we bought a house in cleveland heights. we're so excited you guys will be close to us!


oh how we remember that cross country drive!! not very fun... you're nice enough to go with him. I made my hubby drive and I jumped on a plane to meet him with the baby. (I probably would have gone with him if we didn't have a new baby) but I was thinkin and you and Gerbs should really come to PHILLY:)