Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, we are officially moved into our new place (a little town home we are renting.) We have been painting and bringing over boxes for the past week or so, and we are now actually living in it! We still have lots to do, but it feels good to be settled, and know we will be here for the next four years.

Adam worked hard the other day cleaning out our storage unit. It was gross!

We did lots of painting. This is the beginning stages of baby boy Gerber's room.

And a belly shot at about 37 weeks. The end is in sight!


Lizzy Jones said...

wow! Look at you! Wish i could have been there to help y'all with the house. Good luck with school Adam!

Laura said...

Yay! We are so glad you're here. Also, I wish I had looked as good as you when I was pregnant.

annie moffat karcher said...

Aaah, Jess your looking soo good, and a really good glow about you, but I bet your wanting that baby out so you and Adam can enjoy him and breathe in his scent. Just a few more weeks to go, I am soo excited for you!


you are just too stinkin cute prego!! good luck with school and the baby, still wish you were comin to Philly!

letitia said...

You are just so dang cute!! I bet your just so excited, and ready for it to be over with! I can't wait to see him, he is going to be so cute! you look great, and hope all is well! We miss you guys! good luck with your birth! Letitia:)

Tell Adam congrats, Thats so awesome he's made it this far!

sgmom said...

Hey, Jess, did you know you and Lisa are due the same day?