Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick Update

Here's a few things Gavin has been working on and enjoying:
-He loves taking baths.
-Loves laying on the floor watching the t.v.
-Talks and smiles with his mom and dad
-Taking naps with mom in the morning when she decides to go back to bed until 10 or 11.
-And of course, he loves to be held
Getting ready for Halloween!

Staring at his Dad

Nap time with momSmiling at his Daddy


stephanie said...

he is so so cute! i love it when they start to interact more...so fun!

Cat Zimmer said...

Hey Jess, great pictures of the baby. He is so cute. To answer your questions: I got the coffee table at IKEA and the end table at Target. I love them because they are so simple. Hope everything is going well!