Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trip

It has been a fun couple of weeks! Gavin and I flew to Medford for a few days and hung out with my family. We then ventured on Gavin's first big road trip. We drove all the way to Rexburg (in two days.....thank goodness), where we visited my brother Phil. We went to dinner, walked around campus, and ate at the new eatery, which was so nice! I was also able to visit with a couple friends from BYU-Idaho that I haven't seen for a while.
Next stop was Utah. We stayed with my Grandma. Gavin was able to meet all his cousins from Adam's side for the first time, as well as his Aunt Liz, my best friend. It was so great to see everyone since we don't get to that often living so far away.
 We then packed up and headed back to Medford for a couple more days and now we are home, and the sun is shining! We had a great time. Thanks mom, dad and Grant for having us. We always love coming to visit and miss you already. Here are some pictures from the trip.
My brother Grant and I.
Gavin reading with his Grandpa Merrill.
My family at The Cocoa Bean in Rexburg.
My best friend Liz and I.
Gavin with his friend Monte.
Gavin with his cousins Olivia and Cameron.

Gavin with all his cousins.
Gavin with his Grandma Gerber and Great Grandma Passey.
Me and my brothers.

The whole fam (minus Adam).
Gavin with his Great Grandma Merrill.
Gavin and Grandpa Merrill.
Gavin and his Uncle Grant.


rachbechep said...

it was so fun to see you!


That was so fun! Wish it could have been longer than an afternoon! Can't wait to see you again!