Monday, August 30, 2010

Special Visit

We were lucky enough to have my brother Phil here for the weekend. He just finished working in North Carolina for the summer and was able to stop by for a few days on his way back home across the country. It was so fun having him here, even though it was much too short of a visit. Gavin loved his uncle Phil....and Phil sure knew how to make him laugh.

Saturday we went to the splash park for baby G's birthday (more on that later). Gavin was in heaven and could have stayed there all day. This boy loves the water.

 Thanks for staying with us Phil. We had so much fun and we miss you already!

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Sarah Britt said...

I am glad you guys finally found the splash pad. It looks like you had fun. Your brother is a sweet guy. You will have to let me know how his trip to Seattle goes. LOL