Thursday, September 1, 2011

Somebody Is 2!

On Sunday my sweet little guy turned two! I know it's what everyone says, but they grow so fast! I can't believe my baby is such a big boy now. He has such a fun personality and gets so excited and animated about everything. He is very observant to sounds....planes, cars, birds, you name it he hears it and gets so excited about it. Gavin loves, loves airplanes, cars, and trains. He loves to wrestle his dad, and Grandpa over skype (we call it cyber-wrestling). Sometimes when Adam is gone at night little G will come over and give me "the elbow" (which is some wrestling thing Adam taught him) which means he wants to wrestle. Maybe in a few (or more) weeks when this baby decides to join the world I might be a better wrestling candidate. Gavin loves to help in the kitchen, and if I put on my apron, he must have one on too. Lately he has been pretending he is a dog. So funny. Most days he is seen flying his airplanes, driving his cars and trains all over the house.
He loves to give kisses and hugs and snuggle in the bed every morning. It is the best. 

I love my big two year old much.

I wasn't the best picture taker. Adam was busy getting a video of Gavin blowing out the candles, so this is the best I got. ha. There is always next year, right?
 Gavin and his friend Ratie.
 And Charlotte. These two are little BFF. Gavin calls for her everyday, and they usually find each other walking around outside. It is always a sad moment when they have to say goodbye. ;)
He was excited to open that box from Grandma and Grandpa Gerber to find a sweet Lightning McQueen car.
 And clapped as he opened his little Thomas train set from Grandma and Grandpa Merrill.
Thanks Grandparents for all the birthday fun!

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Sarah Britt said...

Happy Birthday Gavin! You have a two year old? WOW! He looks so happy in all of his pics. We sure do miss you guys!