Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Weekend...

...went a little like this:
Cheered Dad on at his basketball game Friday night. Saturday, Ruby and I headed out to Old Navy and Target for a little girl time while Gavin and Adam played at home. 
Saturday afternoon we went to see 'The Lorax" was cute, but as Adam would say, "probably will never see it again." After the movie we stopped at the new Mitchell's Ice Cream location in the mall. Oh, it is good. I got fresh strawberry chocolate chunk, and Gavin got vanilla bean complete with dino sprinkles. G's favorite part was the train they have up high, right below the ceiling...pretty cool stuff. 
We enjoyed some Costco pizza for dinner and then we were all tired. Adam went out with the missionaries. Sunday we woke up late and were late for stake conference....but we still made it there. It was a beautiful day on Sunday....high 60's and Sunny! We spent time outside and even pulled out our grill. It was a good weekend. 

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Mickie and Matt said...

Pretty sure Gavin and Ty would be best friends... spotting as many trains as possible together. As you know well, 2 year olds spot them EVERYWHERE!

p.s. time for a new header adding Darling little Ruby eh?