Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Recap

The beginning of January started off slow with two sick kids. Gavin started off with a bad cold which turned into a little pneumonia and an ear infection. He was bound to the couch for a couple days. He was SICK. Then Ruby got pretty sick with a couple ear infections but luckily no pneumonia... Just a bad cold. Adam was gone for residency interviews for most of the sickness. We were so happy when he came home.
January was long, but we made it through. No more sickies, and let's keep it that way!

We had fun playing in the snow.

Ruby's boot came off and she needs snow pants. She has some now. ;)
 Looking out the window while Gavin plays in the snow. She wishes she was out there too.
Frosted Mini Wheats and whip cream for breakfast...yum!
Love this girl.
These guys love their do I. :)
Sick little guy.
The day Adam got home from interviews. Rubes loves her Daddy.
A little trip to Chick-fil-A. Our fave.
Gavin needs a hair cut. :)
My view from inside while these guys have fun in the cold.

A little dinner celebration after we found out Adam passed boards part 2!
Cuties in Sunday school.
Love this picture.
They love each other and playing games on any electronic device they can get their hands on. 

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