Monday, January 6, 2014

Thanksgiving in Utah

Alright, so I'm a little behind, but here it is. We were able to spend a week in Utah for Thanksgiving this year. It was filled with lots of fun activities, and late nights. The kids were in heaven with all the cousin time. 
We were able to be apart of little Kendall's baby blessing (Adam's sister's new baby). Adam went coyote hunting and shooting with his brothers one morning. We had Thanksgiving at his parents house, and then the next day we went to see Frozen, ate at Chuck-a-Rama, and headed down to Salt Lake to the Marriott. We walked around temple square where I attempted to get just one good family But, we saw all the pretty Christmas lights, and beautiful displays in the Macy's windows. 
We then swam and swam at the hotel until all the little ones were wiped out. The adults stayed up late eating tacos and playing games. 
We were also able to visit my sweet Grandma. She even had her famous peanut blossom cookies waiting for us! We always love visiting her, and wish we could see her more often. 
Utah was fun...even if we did have to fly home on a red eye flight. We were TIRED! We wish we could see everyone more often, but are grateful for the fun week we had. 

Ruby and her cousin Mia are just a couple weeks apart, and oh so cute.

 Spent one morning at Scheel's with Adam's parents. 
 There were some smiles and tears on the ferris wheel.
 All the boys getting ready for their coyote hunting. 

 Ruby holding her new cousin Kendall.
 Airport hair.

 These cute boys just relaxing after our Thanksgiving feast. 
 Hailey and Natalie learning some knitting skills from Aunt Letitia.

 Thanksgiving chocolate pie.
Delivering their letters to Santa.

 One attempt at a family picture. 
 Gavin and his cousin Cameron. 

 Wiped out in Chuck-A-Rama.
 And the second attempt at a family photo. Ha.

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