Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

The past couple weeks we have been in Utah visiting Adam's family for Christmas and New Years. We had a lot of fun, and minimal sleep. The week after Christmas we spent almost every night playing games until about 2 in the morning, and then waking up at 10-10:30 the next day. Oh the fun of having nothing to do! We loved spending time with Adam's family, and getting to see our new nephew, James, and how much our little nieces are growing! We are so grateful for family and for the good relationships that we have.

Now that our long extended vacation is over we are back here in Rexburg! We are excited to start back up in school and continue on towards graduating! We are finally all moved in after Adam and I moved all our furniture up to our apartment on the 3rd floor. Our bodies are recovering from the couches, table, desk, dressers etc... that we carried up by ourselves! We were quite proud of ourselves when it was all done.
Here we are on Christmas Eve. It was definitely a white Christmas!

Here I am with two of our nieces Natalie and Hailey

Natalie giving the thumbs up!

New Years Eve with Adam's mom, and his brother Dustin, and wife Letitia in the back!


Spence & Melynn said...

Hi guys! Cute blog! it was great to see you over Christmas. Glad you could be there.

Clay and Brittany Drown said...

Hey Jessica! Wow, it has been a long time, it was exciting to hear from you! Now that I know your blog, I will definitely be stalking you from a distance. If you ever want to visit Nauvoo...we're just a few hours away...I'm just sayin! :) Hopefully our Oregon vacations will overlap sometime!

ty & megs said...

hi guys! this is your cousins ty and meghan. fun to see you have a blog. let's get all the other family members to start blogs too so we can all stay in touch better!

Coleen said...

Hey Jess & Adam--
I love looking at your blog (when I remember!)--Hope you are settling into school. We love you--

Love--Mom :)

Spence Family said...

Hey Guys! Nice to see ya'll in blogger land! I'll be checking in to see what you guys are up too... Hope all is well :)