Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Week Old

We have had a great first week! It's hard to believe it has only been a week that we have had little Gavin. He is doing so well, but misses his Grandma who left us yesterday. We loved having her here! She was so helpful and it was sad to see her leave, as always. But, we had fun while she was here and can't wait to see her again. Thanks Grandma!

Lots of relaxing and hanging with dad.

Finally home from the hospital.

Gavin's first bath.


Spence Family said...

Jess! You look AMAZING! Sheesh! It's only been a week! I still looked 6 months Preggo at that point! Your little Gavin is so cute :) He'll like baths soon. Ty hated them at first... But now he LOVES them.


congrats you two!! he's so stinkin cute! and yes, you look great already! lucky