Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visit From Grandma Gerber

Adam's mom made the trip out here to Ohio this past week. It was fun having her here, and we were able to visit Amish country one of the days. I didn't really get any pictures except this one of us eating at Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen. All the waitresses, cooks etc... are Amish. And the food was great!
It was so neat driving the back roads of the country seeing families riding along in their buggies, clothes hanging out to dry in their beautiful yards, and just experiencing a different way of life.We loved having you here!


Chris and Devrey said...

he's so cute jess!!! I love looking at all the pictures--they are so tiny those first few months and you'll look back and be like "holy crap i can't believe he was ever that small!" haha i hope you're feeling ok and adjusting to it all:) get lots of sleep;)

Melynn said...

Hey there! Congrats on the new baby. How exciting! I hope that it has been a great first couple of weeks. I am really excited for you. He is so cute.

Where are you guys living? Will you be out during the holidays?