Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Oregon

We had a great Christmas in Oregon with my family this year. It is always so good to be with family for the holidays. This was the first Christmas with everyone together now that my brother Phil is back from his mission. It is amazing the difference that one person can make in the dynamics of a family. It is great to have him back.
Now, I am sitting at home on my couch (a little sad, and missing the sound of the piano in the background, laughter, playing games and spending days doing nothing with my family) reflecting on the past two weeks of fun, and feel so blessed for the life I have. It is always so great to see my family, but there is always a time to come home. Here are some pictures to sum up our two weeks in Oregon.
Day one: trimming the tree with Philly

Just relaxing with Grandma while she works on the Computer.

So excited for new Christmas jammies and for Santa to come!

Grandpa showing Gavin how to play with his rings. My brother Grant and his sweet hair.
Watching Grant at his hockey game.All bundled up and tired from a long day.Almost home! Our last flight of the day, and ready to be done.


Peterson's said...

how do you still look cute after flying all day?

The Neilsen Family said...

It was good to see you Jessica! You look great, and I love your babies brown bear hat. Your family is too cute for words. I love reading you blog...and all the fun pictures!