Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Leaky Little Home

So, right before Christmas I noticed a little crack on the ceiling in one of our rooms. I called the office and some guy came a looked at it. He said they would send a contractor in to fix it. Well, we left for Oregon for Christmas and when we came back that little crack had become a little bigger and there were some water spots on our desk. Great, a leak. Within a couple days, the leak returned and I called the office again, telling them the story. Someone would come look at it they said. So, a few days passed and to make a long story short one leak in our office turned into three or four, as well as a couple in our bedroom and in Gavin's room. Almost two weeks ago, another guy came and looked at everything, and nothing happened. Each day the cracks/leaks have gotten worse, and no one has come to fix them. Adam called again and the roof guy was supposed to be here on Monday...no one came. Adam called again, they said he would be here today.....never came. I walked down to the office, with little G bundle up and talked to the lady who told me the roofer would be working on our building tomorrow. We shall see.... our little slumber party downstairs has been uhhh...fun, but I'm ready to have my upstairs back again...so hopefully it doesn't cave in tonight!

Our office window

Gavin's room

Office Office Gavin's room (leaking nasty brown water ) Our bedroom

Adam studying hard in our family room/bedroom/Gavin's bedroom.

Amongst all the craziness, this little guy always makes me smile.


annie moffat karcher said...

What a bummer and nuisance. I hope it gets fixed soon and permanently. I'd hate to be sleeping downstairs too!

Dan said...

Ugh, what a pain. I hope it turns out ok. You can tell your kids about this later to show how you struggled when you were younger and they should appreciate what they have :)

Laura said...

I'm SO sorry!!!!!!!!!! Not fun. If no one comes today I think I have the phone number for MaryLou who works at the main office on Broadview Road. Sometimes calling her puts a little fire under everyone else to get things done.

Sarah B. said...

I am so sorry! I hope it gets fixed soon. Our maintenance people are really slow at doing things. Matt and I have learned how to fix a lot of things on our own. LOL Like Laura said if they don't come you need to call Mary Lou. I hope everything works out for you.