Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Merrill Visit

I was lucky enough to have my mom come out here a few days after having Ruby. She was here for a week and then my Dad headed out to join her. It was so nice have the extra help. I felt pretty good about managing two kids......and then they left. Ha. That's when the real party started. ;) Actually, I am feeling pretty good and  am loving having two little kiddos who keep me busy all day long. Ruby is an awesome sleeper at night, so that definitely makes my life a little easier.

Anyways....while my parents were here we mostly stayed close to home, but managed to get out of the house here and there. I am not one to stay cooped up for long. I think I would go crazy. We went on a walk to our favorite place...the Brecksville metro park. Gavin ran....I don't think he ever "walks" on our walks. 

We ate some yummy food at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Akron. Too bad we had to wait for an hour to be seated and then another hour before we got our food! So much fun with a two year old. We were all ready for bed at the end of the night. Gavin was pretty thrilled with his little balloon monkey....until he popped it moments later. ;)
 My little yoga baby. After a walk to Handels for some ice-cream I left Ruby in her little baby carrier pouch thing (for lack of a better term) sleeping on the couch. When I took her out this is what she looked like. 
My Dad ran in the Akron marathon while he was here which probably explains the sleeping pictures with Ruby. He did a great job...way to go dad! 


Lizzy Jones said...

I love it! Looks like y'all had fun!

Sarah said...

It is always so nice to have parents visit. It looks like you guys have a good time. I love Ruby's blankets. I know you probably made them. They are so cute! I miss you friend and need to call and catch up with you.