Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Cleveland Christmas

This was our first year here in Cleveland for Christmas. I was a little homesick, but we had a great Christmas with our little family. Adam has had a nice break so we have had a great time being together. Gavin is his little shadow and hardly ever leaves his side. 
A few days before Christmas we headed up to Kirtland to check out all the nativities they have set up in the visitors center. So many beautiful depictions of Christ's birth...all so different and unique. 
Christmas Eve we spent with some friends eating yummy soups and playing a few games. We then headed home to open a new Christmas book....The Polar Express, and new jammies. Gavin was about done after that so we put the kids to bed and Adam and I read the Christmas story together...nice and quiet.
Christmas morning began with a yummy breakfast casserole and hot chocolate...complete with whip cream and mini peppermint marshmallows. Gavin woke up around 8:30.....just enough time to check out his stocking and get dressed for church. We had a wonderful program at church, and then headed home. It was so fun to watch Gavin open his presents. 

Just so cute in her new little hat from Grandma Merrill. I love the little baby bubbles. 

 This boy loves his trains.

 I know this picture quality is horrible, but I think it is so cute. I had to take it with our video camera. Gavin was being so cooperative about taking a picture by the tree and was just sitting there holding Ruby (such a rare occurance for him to sit so still as long as he was). And what do I do? Drop my camera right on the lens which caused it to jam....and not work. All while little G and Ruby are just sitting there cute as can be. Then the moment was over and I had a camera that wasn't working Christmas morning. Sweet. So I got the video camera, and got this picture instead....still cute. And, thankfully Adam was able to save the day and fix the camera...whew.

And, this picture has nothing to do with Christmas, but I love it. So, so cute of little Ruby and her daddy right before her bath.

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