Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving in Utah

We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving this year with Adam's family. The flight there.....pretty uneventful. The flight home.....same thing minus Gavin puking all that was in his little body all over Adam. Meanwhile I sat behind them having a lovely conversation with a sweet lady from Wisconsin. I was oblivious to the situation until we got up to leave the airplane and saw the disaster on Adam's shirt. He is such a good great dad. Oh, fun times flying across the country with a two year old.
Anyways.....we made it to Utah very late at night and were so happy to get to bed. We had a delicious Thanksgiving meal and spent the day relaxing and catching up.
Friday we headed out to see "Puss In Boots"......Gavin (and Adam) slept through most of it. Next, we headed to Chuck-A-Rama...which hit the spot. And finally our ending point....the Marriott hotel in down town Salt Lake where we swam, and swam and played games till the wee hours of the night.
We had such a great weekend. Gavin loved playing with his cousins. Now that we are home he keeps saying, "Cameron, James?" (His two little cousins.) He sure loved playing with those boys.
We also got to see Adam's Grandma who lives with his parents. Such a fun weekend!
P.S. We also blessed Ruby that to come later :)

Baby Mia and Ruby with Grandpa Gerber.

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