Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Rest of June

After our fun week in San Diego we headed back to Medford to spend the rest of the month with my parents while Adam was working in Portland. (Although, he did surprise me and drove 4 hours one Friday night to spend a Saturday with us. He's the best). We had so much fun! We spent many afternoons by the pool. Gavin and Ruby loved being in the water. We had a fun week with the Collins' and Owens' families. 

Before all the fun began, this little guy was pretty sick. He got sick the day after we got back from San Diego.  The drive down to Medford was not so much fun...a puky 2 1/2 year old equals no good. Luckily he was better within a few days and back to his normal self.

We had our traditional Rooster's breakfast. Always a must. Ruby enjoyed the yummy coffee cake.
 Gavin was ready to go after about five minutes....weird ;)
 My cute mom and Aunt Marian
 The whole gang

 Gavin and Hallie were good swimming buddies

 Skyping Phil and Corinne
 Dinner with everyone at Outback

 Gavin loved helping Grandpa in whatever he was doing......cleaning the garage ,or in this case, setting up the sand box.

 My cousin Paige :)

 Ruby in her little cabana
 The ladies relaxing by the pool

 Betcha didn't know Adam could do this :)
 Ruby learned to climb the stairs at Grandma Merrill's house....such a big girl.

 Ruby loves her Grandpa Merrill

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