Monday, October 15, 2012

California Weekend

Back in September we (Gav, Ruby, my mom, Aunt Marian, and myself) headed down to California for a long weekend. We had so much fun with family down there. We first stopped off at my Uncle Grant's home and rode the train He BUILT.  A little background... Trains are huge in my family. My Grandpa Shaw was a huge fan of trains, and he built a small one that my mom and aunts remember riding when they were little. My Uncle inherited this same love for trains and now has one he built...pretty cool. I'll have to post some pictures later of the train...the photos are all on my mom's phone. Gavin loved going for rides on that thing. So did I ;).

After visiting with my aunt and uncle we headed to my Aunt Karen's house where we ate good food and had fun laughing and enjoying being together. Oh, how we wish we could see all of our California family more often...we miss you guys!
Gavin and cute Emmerson (my cousin's little first cousins once removed??)

 Gain helped Uncle Larry make his delicious whole wheat bread.
 We took the kids to a little kiddie park. I think they had a good time. ;)

 And of course, no California trip would be complete without a trip to the best Chinese restaurant (seriously...nothing compares), Szechwan.

 My cousin Nora and Aunt Nora.
 Dan, Whitney and little Emmerson.
 The finished product.
 Ruby loves Uncle Larry, and I love her cheesy grin.
 Just another silly face from Gavin...showing off his fresh picked tomoates.
 My cousin Diana, Whitney and little Emmerson.
P.S. Thanks Nora for all the pictures. :)

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Jenny G said...

Gavin is getting so big and handsome.