Monday, October 1, 2012

September 14th

Back on the 14th my little Ruby girl turned 1! It's hard to believe just one year ago I was holding this sweet little thing in my arms for the first time. She has been such a good and happy baby. I can't imagine life without her, and feel so blessed to be her mama.

Some things she loves right now:

go-gurts every morning with her big brother
playing in the sandbox (tossing the sand over her head)
giving head-butts (Grandpa Merrill taught her this one)
snuggling her stuffed animals, and soft jammies
screaming REALLY loud...she has pretty much mastered this skill in no time. ;)


Adam was able to be with us via skype. :)
This girl couldn't wait to get her hands on that cake.

Pretty sure she enjoyed every last bit.
Gavin helped me with the cake...and made sure the frosting tasted good.

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Matt, Charity, Alison & Michael said...

Those pictures of Ruby eating her cake just about killed me! She is too adorable.