Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life Lately

Alright, I'm totally copying you Jenny ;)
1. Gavin's tired face on the way home from Costco.                                            
2. Throw up bowl on G's head. We had a rough week full of lots of puke. That was in March I think.
3. Ruby and her dad doing stretches at Gavin's gymnastics class.
4. Gavin helping out putting Rubes down for a nap.
5. We just found out we matched with Ohio State for residency! Woo hoo!
6. I ran a 5K. Felt good. Need to run more races.
7. Rubes is the cutest thing when she wakes up from her nap.
8. A little frozen yogurt stop. That girl ate most of mine. Note to self: Next time she gets her own.
9. Gavin and Dad enjoying theirs.
10. We like to make silly faces and take pictures.
11. She's just trying to get a little sun tan.                                        
12. I had a birthday! 27..I'm old. We celebrated with friends at Wild Mango. So yummy!
13. Got some new shoes for my birthday.
14. Just enjoying the chilly, but sunny weather.
15. Sharing kisses and jelly beans under the table during general conference.
16. Park day. She loves that big yellow swing.
17. We bought a kite. Gavin says, "I'm getting bigger now! I have a kite!"                                        
18. Some more park fun.
19. And more. This was in Columbus.
20. Just snuggling my baby girl after her nap. The best.
21. Watching the first thunderstorm of the spring.                                          
22-25. Finding rolly pollies.
26. Day in Columbus. House hunting and checking out Ohio State.
27. Hiding from a monster.                                            
28. General conference day. They are the cutest.

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Jenny G said...

Please tell me I'm the "Jenny" you're copying because I would feel cool:)