Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gavin is 4!

Yesterday my sweet boy turned 4! He is growing up so fast! He is such joy in our home. He has so much excitement and love for life. He loves playing in the sandbox, playing with his cars, doing puzzles, and being social. He loves playing with friends, and makes them wherever he goes. I love my happy little four year old...more than anything.

For months he had been telling me he wanted a Spider man birthday party so that is what he got. A few little friends came, and they had lots of fun playing Spider man games and eating cake.

We also celebrated on his actual birthday with just our family. We had the traditional Shaw family ice cream birthday cake. It never disappoints.

Love my little boy and his cute little personality.

His Spider Man pose.

Birthday meal of choice: hot dogs and Cheetos...and I threw in a pasta salad. ;)

We had to light the candles a second time so this cute girl could get a chance to blow them out. Love those big lips of hers.


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Laura said...

I love his spiderman pose!