Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

No Halloween is complete without pumpkin carving. I always remember loving pumpkin carving as a kid, and then after about five minutes of getting all the seeds out I was done and my dad was left with all the hard work. Dads are the best. That's about how it went in our family. Gavin grabbed about one handful and then said, "I want you to do it dad." He danced to Halloween music and helped carve, but mom and dad were left to all the fun.
Ruby was a good helper and didn't want anyone helping her with that spoon while she got all the pumpkin goop out. Then she took her little marker and made masterpieces all over those pumpkins. She is our little artist.

I'm pretty sure my kids have the scariest zombie/monster faces I've ever seen. They were doing this all October long.

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