Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Fun Weekend

My parents came to visit last week for a few days. I love, love, love when they come. We went to an Indian's game...they won at the last minute and had a sweet fire works show at the end. It was a great game. My mom and I had fun shopping and getting pedicures while Gavin napped. 
Gavin showed his grandma his favorite thing to do....throwing rocks in the water. Doesn't take much to make him happy (Grandpa was busy during the day attending meetings for work). We love to go on walks in the metro parks here, and there is a perfect spot for skipping rocks. We usually always stop there at the end of our walk, and he finds the biggest rocks to throw in the water. He could be there all day.
We tried out lots of new yummy recipes, and had a great time just being together.
My parents came and went too quickly, but we were so happy they were able to come out for a few days.

 Gavin was pretty excited to see grandma and grandpa.
 I know this picture isn't very clear, but it is still just so cute of the three of them.

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Laura said...

I'm glad you had a fun time with your parents. It always goes too fast doesn't it?