Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Summer Has Begun

This past weekend we went camping with some friends. Luckily it only rained hard once, leaving us with lots of mud. Good thing we brought G-man's rain boots....he put them to good use. We had so much fun relaxing by the fire, eating good food, staying up late talking, and late night hunting for raccoons (well, the boys did at least). We were all so exhausted when we came home, and took a nice big nap.
 I have quite a few adorable pictures of these two (Gavin and his friend Charlotte). They were quite the pair.
 Gavin was in heaven with all the rocks and dirty water to throw them in.
 He's a pro at setting up that tent.
 That's because he has such a studly dad to show him how it's done.
 This was the best we could get. Gavin had better things to do than sit and take a picture with his mom.


Peterson's said...

but did you have to push the car out of the mud?

Coleen said...

I swear he is bigger than when we left. Looking forward to playing with Gavin in July when you come--I think he'll enjoy the pool.