Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oregon-part 1

Oh, how I love Oregon! Now, where to begin....Gavin and I are back from our two weeks at my parents. Our trip began with Gavin's first movie theater experience.....Cars 2. He did so well, and was so excited about the movie and his "pa-corn", but then he got a little tired (a 3 hour time difference will do that to ya).

Next....a little 4th of July celebration complete with a delicious dutch oven meal prepared by my dad.
Me with cousins Hallie and Paige 
 My Aunt Marian, mom and I.
(Don't you just love our matching Old Navy flag shirts? We were all so patriotic thanks to my mom.)
The little man enjoying a 4th of July cupcake 
Getting his first taste of the pool. 

 Gavin and Hallie became the best of friends.
Now, I'm off to bed......stay tuned....this is only the beginning. There is much more to come of our trip!

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