Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oregon- Part 3........The End

Lots of our time was spent out by the pool. Gavin loved playing in the water, and being outside.
Nothing like a nice, cold otter pop. Every time Gavin got out of the pool and sat on the chair, he would say, "parnicle?" or popsicle....haha. He had his little routine down....swim, rest, eat popsicle....and repeat.

Cute little summer feet.

 My mom broke her foot somewhere along the way. She wasn't too happy about that. It was quite fun pushing her around the store in a wheel chair though. Gavin loved riding on Grandma's lap as we strolled the isles of Target, and Fred Meyer.
Gavin and Emerson enjoying a little cousin bath time.
My favorite. Gavin loves his grandpa, and continues to ask for grandpa now that we are home.
The End.

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Jenny G said...

Those sparkler pictures are so so cute!